Penny has worked in the dentistry industry for over 30 years.  She has hands on experience working on patients in a renowned dental office.  Her early experience working directly with patients and finished cases has made Penny well versed in the process of generating a case and ultimately creating a positive experience for the patient.

 Penny has set a high standard for herself, knowing the importance of both the patient and dentist’s happiness.  She also understands the significance of a great dentist to patient relationship, and strives to assist in that positive relationship with great work.  Penny has created great rapport with the dentists she works with.  This has given her the opportunity to receive direct communication and feedback concerning specific cases.

 She has been working with Dr. Bruce W. Small & Dr. Warren Johnson as they educate dentists all over the world.  Dr. Small and Dr. Johnson are known to lecture the importance of ideal preparation to create the perfect gold restoration.  Also, known to teach the Tucker Technique; this allows the dentist to complete the restoration by smoothing and sealing the gold to the tooth directly in the patient’s mouth (see photos).     

 Penny has genuine passion for the work she does.  She has always considered her work more of a hobby as opposed to a job.  This passion and love for her work is evident in the result of her cases.